PCOS Herbal Tea is an American based company with a mission to help women with PCOS achieve hormonal balance and health goals through natural organic tea.  

Sarah (IG@pcosherbaltea) was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015. Doctors began prescribing her oral contraceptives to decrease hormonal imbalance, and metformin to regulate insulin and stimulate ovulation. After being on meds for over a year, she continued having irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, and excessive hair growth.

The lack of effectiveness from meds, side effects of depression and gastrointestinal pain led her to researching organic medicinal herbs that naturally address PCOS symptoms. The research went on for two years with a licensed herbalist to finally find a unique blend (Cystem Tea) that provided astonishing results.

After five months on the herbal protocol, Sarah's cycle regulated to a 32-day length. Problematic symptoms such as gastric stomach pain, acne, and hirsutism diminished significantly during the five-month program. Her androgen levels improved to normal ranges. She lost a total of 15 percent body fat in the course of five months. She has become much more confident in her ability to conceive.


All of our products are Made in USA from the highest quality organic herb and extracts. 

Clinical studies, naturopathic doctors, and herbalists have proven these herbs to be very helpful in improving most PCOS symptoms by balancing hormone levels. Please subscribe to our mailing list to learn more.


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You may also contact our team anytime at pcosherbaltea@gmail.com. or by calling +1-(415)-987-1955